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This price is for the set amount of guest that will be feed during the event.Please note that if you go over our agreed pre set amount of people that will be feed, you will be charged accordingly.



All packages come with three meat options all seafood options are an extra charge.All packages also includes rice and beans at no extra charge.Any drinks and additional add ons will have an extra charge as well.


You have the option of getting a set up or the food truck for your event.If you decide to get the set up option you will get to select your colors so that way we will be in theme for the party.That means we will come with a grill and tables cooking directly in-front of your guest.If you get the food truck we will need a desiginated parking spot and  all food will be served out of the truck.If you get drinks and a fruit table for example we will set that up outside of the truck .

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